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misfire: Band Gear

Tom Saluzzi uses Ludwig and Pearl acoustic drums, Roland electronics, Remo heads, LP, Hayneedle, Factory Metal, and Remo percussion, a Thunder Echo TrashKat, Pearl, Yamaha, and Gibraltar hardware, Stagg drum cases, Regal Tip, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Pro-Mark, and Hornet sticks and mallets, cymbals by Paiste, Meinl, Sabian, Dream, Wuhan, Istanbul Agop, Hammerax, and UFIP, gongs from Gongs Unlimited (see link below), and is a very proud endorser of both the Grombal and the Cymbal Boss, two revolutionary new devices used for mounting cymbals! All drummers should visit both the Grombal and Cymbal Boss websites by clicking on the links below! 

The Grombal
The Cymbal Boss
Gongs Unlimited


Peter Prinzivalli has used a wide variety of equipment over the years. His guitar make of choice is normally either Gibson or Fender, but he has played and enjoyed several other brands. The Misfire recordings were done with a Fender Strat, a Gibson SG, and an Epiphone SG. Nothing extraordinary about any of them, just unmodified, off the rack, guitars. So far as amplification goes, he’s used both tube and transistor amps for live settings. For recording it is not uncommon for him to employ the use of a multi effects processor and line direct to the board. When it comes to guitar sound processing, he is a big fan of Boss products. Pete goes back and forth between .09 and .10 gauge strings and is not married to any particular brand. Although back in the day Pete was committed to his Black Gibson Les Paul Custom and his Marshall Amp, over the years he has become much more flexible when it comes to gear. Peter believes that with the loads of fantastic equipment on the market these days, guitar players can become preoccupied with trying to find the next piece of gear that’s going to make him sound great and forget that’s it all about the playing.


Frank Verrico has in his arsenal of axes: 3 Rickenbackers (a 4001, a 4003, and a V63 4001 re-issue), a Carvin B40, a Dillion DRKB-005-IV/CT, a Cort Gene Simmons Axe, a Warwick Rockbass Corvette 5-String, 2 Davison 6-String Basses, a Tobias, a Washburn XB-100, a Fender Precision, and a KTone Clear Lucite 5-String.