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misfire: Bio

Misfire, a band with ‘70’s roots and a current sensibility, is a rock and roll treasure. The foursome, which formed in Brooklyn, contains founding members Richie Primavera (vocals), Peter Prinzivalli (guitar and vocals), Frank Verrico (bass), and Tommy Saluzzi (drums), had their original heyday from 1976-1979, and now have reunited to record exciting new tracks and updated versions of some of their tried and true classics.

Primavera's unique vocal stylings, Prinzivalli’s equally-strong vocals and searing guitar work, Verrico’s rock steady, yet innovative bass playing and Saluzzi’s tight percussion work make this band a must listen for classic rock aficionados and music fans who just like high energy, hard edged guitar driven rock and melodic ballads. The versatility of the band is staggering and a tribute to their musical influences and talent. Equally at home in a recording studio or a stage, the band’s virtuosity harkens back to a day when bands were “bands.”

Formed as a foursome in Brooklyn, the group played the club circuit in Brooklyn and the metropolitan area (they even performed at the legendary CBGB’s) in the seventies. After acquiring a loyal following due to their stellar live shows, the band started to record original material and released singles (remember those?) on Tradewind Records. They planned to record a debut album, but unforeseen obstacles got in the way of this.  In 1979, due to changes in the music world with the emergence of Disco, New Wave and Punk, Misfire’s fortunes waned. The band dissolved and the members, despite still being friends, went their separate ways. All four members kept busy with various music projects through the years to hone their musical “chops.” 

Fast forward to 2010.  I wrote a piece about the band for and through a fortuitous chain of events the article became one of the catalysts for the band getting back together.  After getting in touch through phone calls and social networking, Primavera, Prinzivalli, Verrico and Saluzzi decided to try to recapture past glory by going into the studio to record new versions of older tracks and new offerings. This foursome has turned back the clock and their recently released CD demonstrates their rock and roll pedigree with dynamic vocals, screaming guitars, pulsating bass lines and pounding drums, which are a hallmark of their sound. If anyone can put rock and roll back on the map, it is Misfire. Those of you who are new to the band will be pleasantly surprised, while old fans will be thankful for the rebirth of this rock and roll juggernaut. Though veterans of the classic rock era, Misfire is just as relevant today with a fresh, energetic sound, cutting edge lyrics and expert musicianship.

                                                                                         ................written by Steve Janowsky